How low can I go?

This blog will start out with me giving the details of my first encounter with what I consider “doom metal.”

It was a sunny, hot day in the Northeastern US and I was excited to go seem some bands who were playing in the local dingy punk spot. My day was full of boredom and waiting as I went over in my head all the songs I knew by the bands who were playing that night.

Soon, one of my punk buddies, really a guy I barely know, picked me up with some of his friends and we were off to get our punk on. It was a good show until the last band came on, a band called Coffins. I started to notice some serious metalheads including some 40 year old guy with an old denim jacket on with some metal band patches. I was not sure what to expect of this band as I had never heard of them because they were from Japan and my knowledge of metal went from nowhere to Black Sabbath, with nothing in between.

Then they start playing and boy was I fucking psyched to be there. Their set was heavy, thick, and distorted to all fuck with the lowest vocals I have ever heard. People were bouncing off the walls, its was complete chaos in the 12 foot by 12 foot punk space as Hell rose through the floor and demons rushed from the amplifiers. In short, it was the best set I have heard before or since then; and it is also why I am into doom metal now.

Now researching doom (i.e. looking it up on, I noticed it was one of the genres I was really only going to like a part of, that I was only going to like a few subgenres of this subgenre. I didn’t think I was going to like the epic doom because I don’t like clean vocals with my metal. I know like all hell I was going to like death/doom because it was the style of Coffins, it was dirty, and it was heavy. I have yet to encounter any balck/doom though I am sure I would like it given the right first experience with it.

I downloaded some music by Saint Vitus, one of the pioneers of doom, to give it a listen and because I like to start with the first bands of a genre because it is usually more pure to the genre. I had already listened to everything Black Sabbath had ever put out and liked it for the most part, and was pretty obsessed with a lot of it also.

Heavier Than Thou is not only the first album I am posting here for download, it was also the first band I listened to outside of Coffins, which drew me into doom metal and expanded the range of my musical tastes.

I hope you like Heavier Than Thou, which is a compilation so you get an idea of their musical breadth, and if you like it, buy it.

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