The Drew Carey Show – Season 7 Episode 1

If anything, The Drew Carey Show is always willing to experiment with new episode formats, changing the pace of the show constantly, keeping the show fresh. The premiere episode of the seventh season of the show keeps to the same random formula.

Episode 1 starts out with Drew on vacation with some famous woman (her name escapes me) with Ryan walking in and saying they are getting ready to start a new episode. Drew does not want to because he wishes to continue his vacation. Ryan says “we will just do some skits and have some musical guests” and that is more or less how the show plays out.

If you are expecting some new drama to start out the seventh season, you will be disappointed because no new story arcs are introduced in this episode. However, if you are looking for a fun episode with some of the signature musical appearances on the Drew Carey Show or some light-hearted skits, you may enjoy this episode.

DOWNLOAD – (Uniting File) –
DOWNLOAD – (Part 1) –
DOWNLOAD – (Part 2) –

-To unite the file, run the uniting .exe file which will combine part 1 and part 2, allowing them to be playable.-

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