Mahavishnu Orchestra – Inner Mounting Flame

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Mahavishnu Orchestra – Inner Mounting Flame

Fusion jazz | MP3 | 106 MB | 46 minutes


1. Meeting of the Spirits (6:52)
2. Dawn (5:10)
3. Noonward Race (6:28)
4. A Lotus on Irish Streams (5:39)
5. Vital Transformation (6:16)
6. The Dance of Maya (7:17)
7. You Know, You Know (5:07)
8. Awakening (3:32)

Band Members:

– John McLaughlin / guitar
– Jerry Goodman / violin
– Jan Hammer / piano
– Rick Laird / bass
– Billy Cobham / drums

Reissued with sparkling audio and exclusive photographs, this first, 1971, Mahavishnu album certainly vies for the title of the greatest of all jazz-rock recordings. Through spiritually questing flights of intense fury and exquisite quiet, it never loses its sense of inexorable force. Jan Hammer (keyboards), Jerry Goodman (violin), and bassist Rick Laird are completely sympathetic with guitarist John McLaughlin’s vision as the music abandons the standard jazz format of successive solos in favor of rapid, heightening, braided, interactive contributions–a structure much drawn from Indian classical music. Astoundingly, the music retains discipline. For that, thank Billy Cobham: Through all the expressive, irregular meters, he remains a steady, resolved engine of percussion, vastly resourceful but ultimately reserved. McLaughlin’s alchemy distills many worlds of music­-the jazz-guitar masters, flamenco, blues, Indian forms, and his experience in the innovations of the seminal jazz-rock outfits of Miles Davis and Tony Williams. Of course, distortion, feedback, and arena-rock amplification were crucial, as was the influence of Sri Chinmoy, McLaughlin’s spiritual guide. “The Noonward Race,” “Vital Transformation,” and “The Dance of Maya” are music for the ages. — Peter Monaghan

DOWNLOAD - mediafire
PASSWORD - warezforum

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